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Reporter drops F-bomb on live TV, quits in the name of marijuana

Charlo Greene of CBS affiliate KTVA presented her final report on a medical marijuana business, the Alaska Cannabis Club
Alaska reporter delivers profane farewell message on air 00:49

A local TV news reporter in Anchorage, Alaska quit her job Sunday night in dramatic fashion - delivering the news live on the air and dropping an F-bomb for good measure.

Charlo Greene, a reporter for CBS affiliate KTVA, was doing a report on efforts to legalize marijuana in the state when she abruptly revealed that she was the owner of the Alaskan Cannabis Club, a group that connects medical marijuana patients with suppliers.

"Now everything you heard is why I, the actual owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, will be dedicating all of my energy toward fighting for freedom and fairness which begins with legalizing marijuana here in Alaska," she said.

"And as for this job, well, not that I have a choice but, f**k it, I quit."

Greene then walked off the set, leaving a startled news anchor struggling to find words at the news desk. "Alright we apologize for that," the anchor said. "We'll... we'll be right back."

The station later tweeted an apology:

The Alaska Cannabis Club had posted a message to Facebook earlier in the evening, tipping its followers - "EVERYONE" - to tune into KTVA for the newscast.

Greene has since raised over $1,000 at the online crowdfunding site Indiegogo where she says she is "campaigning for marijuana reform in Alaska and the nation."

On the site, she states: "I just quit my news reporting job on live TV to announce that I am redirecting all of my energy toward helping to end a failed drug policy that has ruined the lives of far too many Americans."

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