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Damning report on U.S. forces in Vietnam aired 50 years ago

It has been 50 years since a controversial report aired on CBS Evening News
50 years ago: CBS News report from Vietnam sparked U.S. outrage 04:42

Wednesday marks the 50-year anniversary of a turning point of the Vietnam War.

On Aug. 5, 1965, CBS News correspondent Morley Safer reported on the burning of the village of Cam Ne, Vietnam, by U.S. Marines.

The Marines used lighters and flamethrowers on huts in the village because enemy fire came from the area. It depicted some of the first negative images of U.S. forces in the war.

The story drew backlash and contributed to public opinion turning against the war.

Safer later wrote: "[Then-President Lyndon] Johnson threatened that, unless CBS got rid of me and 'cleaned up its act,' the White House would 'go public'" with information about Safer's alleged "communist ties." Safer and CBS denied any such ties.

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