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Report: Selig To Be Named Commish

Bug Selig, the Milwaukee Brewers owner who has been baseball's interim commissioner for six years, will take over the position
officially this year, The New York Times reported Thursday on its website.

The Times, quoting unidentified sources, said Selig could be confirmed as commissioner by the All-Star Game, scheduled July 7. One owner, the newspaper said, predicted the announcement would be made in 2-4 weeks.

Selig, 63, has said he didn't want the job but the newspaper quoted one official who said, "An almost unified ownership came to him and said you've got to do it; you're the only one."

Election requires a 75 percent vote of baseball's 30 owners and, according to the newspaper, Selig has the backing. Only a few owners oppose Selig, notably Jerry Reinsdorf of the Chicago White Sox and The Tribune Co., owner of the Chicago Cubs.

Selig was in Houston on Wednesday for a news conference involving the Astros and wasn't available for comment.

Baseball has been without a commissioner since Fay Vincent was forced out of office by owners on Sept. 7, 1992. Selig was named chairman of the executive council two days later.

The Times said Selig would likely put his share of the Brewers into a trust.

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