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Report: Queen Balking Over William's Kate

Poor Kate Middleton.

She's having in-law problems already, taking some heat, and she's not even engaged to Britain's Prince William -- let alone married.

According to a published report, the prince's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, is telling confidantes she's upset that, four years after graduating, Middleton doesn't have a career yet. Lacking a full-time job, Middleton's been working part-time for her family's company.

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The story was broken by Daily Mail reporter Katie Nicholl, who says the situation has come to be known as "the Katie problem" in royal circles.

Nicholl told Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen Monday Middleton has had a job offer that might satisfy the Queen, but has been hesitant about taking it -- though that may be changing.

All this as long-running speculation continues over when -- and whether -- Kate and William will get engaged.

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To see Chen's interview of Nicholl, click on the video below:

To read Nicholl's story, click here.