Report: Mystery Woman Who Took Ryan Jenkins to Suicide Motel Revealed

(Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)
Alena Jenkins is seen in an undated photo provided by the CBC.

BUENA PARK, Calif. (CBS/AP) The Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) said police sources have identified the woman who helped reality contestant Ryan Jenkins check into a motel while police were pursuing him for the murder of his bikini model ex-wife Jasmine Fiore.

That woman, says the CBC, is Jenkins' half-sister Alena Jenkins.

CTV, another Canadian broadcaster, reported late Tuesday evening that Mounties have been in contact with Ryan Jenkins' younger half-sister, who lives in Vancouver.

The report said they have asked Alena Jenkins what she knows about how Ryan Jenkins ended up getting from Point Roberts, Wash., to the Hope motel more than 60 miles (100 kilometres) away.

A person answering the phone at a residence believed to be Alena Jenkins' told the Canadian Press that she was with her family and had not been home all day.

(MySpace Photo)
Photo: Ryan Jenkins from his MySpace page.

Fiore's body was found naked and mutilated in a Los Angeles area dumpster Aug. 15. Her teeth and fingers had been removed to throw police off the killer's trail. She was identified by serial numbers on her breast implants.

U.S. police say they're not ready to speculate on a motive for what may have happened between Ryan Jenkins and his murdered ex-wife.

U.S. police say they should soon be able to paint a clearer picture of Fiore's final days, but all signs still point to the former reality television contestant as the sole suspect in the gruesome crime.

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