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Report: Missing Utah Mom Feared Husband

Friends of a Utah mother missing more than two weeks have given police e-mails Powell sent them last year in which Powell discussed troubles in her marriage and in which she seemed to be expressing fear of Josh Powell, according to the Desert News, a Salt Lake City newspaper.

The report says one friend confirmed Powell was concerned Josh might kidnap the couples two young sons, divorce her -- "or worse."

The friend, the newspaper notes, said Susan Powell had talked to her one day about something she had written and left in her desk at work. "She had mentioned about writing something so that no one would ever think she committed suicide," the paper quotes the friend as saying. "She said it would be so her boys would know that she would never kill herself, because she would never leave her boys alone."

"Other friends had reported earlier that a notebook Susan Powell kept in her desk at work ... was among the items seized by police," the newspaper points out. "The notebook, according to one source, detailed threats allegedly made about a year ago against her."

Meantime, police said Tuesday they want to question Josh Powell about a car he allegedly rented that was driven hundreds of miles following Susan's disappearance.

"It was rented in Joshua Powell's name, and there were several hundred miles put on it," West Valley City Police Capt. Tom McLachlan said. "The company that rents the car has said there is no stored GPS data that would indicate where it was taken."

On "The Early Show" Wednesday, criminal profiler Pat Brown said Josh Powell has all but put a bulls-eye on his back for police:

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Susan Powell, 28, was last seen on Dec. 7. He told police he left her at home about 12:30 a.m. that day to go winter camping on the Pony Express trail west of Salt Lake City with their sons, ages 4 and 2, in freezing temperatures.

Susan Powell was reported missing the same day when she failed to show up for her job as stockbroker for Wells Fargo Bank and her children were not dropped off at day care.

Police said the case is still a missing persons investigation, but have twice searched the family home and a minivan and have labeled Josh Powell as a "person of interest." Police have not said what, if anything, has been taken from the Powell home or van.

McLachlan said Joshua Powell rented the car during the 24-hour period that his van was in police custody, about two days after his wife was reported missing.

McLachlan declined to say specifically how many miles were added to the rental car's odometer and acknowledged that while police know the car was rented by Powell, they can only speculate about whether he was the person who used it. He said he didn't know what type of car was rented and declined to name the rental company.

Scott Williams, Josh Powell's attorney, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that he has no information about the rental car. Josh Powell traveled to Washington state over the weekend with the children to be with family for the Christmas holiday, Williams has said.

McLachlan has said Josh Powell has provided police with only vague information about his camping trip, but acknowledged that the 4-year-old boy confirmed the outing in an interview with police.

"We have an open, standing request to talk to him, whenever he wants to come in for an interview," McLachlan said. "At this point he's refusing to do so through his attorney."

Williams disputed that characterization and said Josh Powell has answered all questions from police. He also said Powell has provided police with a DNA sample.

On Monday, police announced a $10,000 reward being offered by an anonymous donor for information that helps them locate Susan Powell.

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