Report: Lily Burk Murder Suspect Convicted in Similar Case Two Decades Ago

(AP Photo/Anne Cusack, Pool)
Charles Samuel, 50, appears in Los Angeles Superior Court in downtown Los Angeles on July 28, 2009.

NEW YORK (CBS/AP) Charles Samuel's criminal past includes an M.O. that resembles the circumstances of his arrest for murdering 17-year old Lily Burk, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Court records reported by the newspaper say Samuel, charged with Burk's murder, kidnapping and robbery, was convicted 22 years ago in San Bernardo, California of another violent robbery.

The documents reportedly show Samuel kidnapped an elderly man and drove his car to an ATM, where he forced the man to withdraw cash. When a complication arose, Samuel assaulted the elderly man using his own walking cane, and threatened to kill him if he ever reported the crime to authorities.

Samuel showed no remorse as he pleaded guilty in June 1987 to charges of robbery, residential burglary and car theft, the Times reports.

(Family Photo via Los Angeles Times)
Family photo of Lily Burk.

Police say Burk, a high school honor student, was running an errand for her mother at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles when she was abducted by Samuel, 50, and driven to an ATM, but was unable to withdraw money.

Investigators say she made two odd calls to her parents asking how to obtain the cash, according to the newspaper.

Police contend she finally was killed and left in the car by Samuel, who was later arrested for possessing a crack cocaine pipe and drinking beer in public. Investigators say fingerprints in the car linked the 50-year-old parolee to the crime.

Burk's body was found in her black Volvo July 25.

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