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Report: FBI Lax In Updating Terror List

Since the Sept. 11 attacks, the FBI's top priority has been tracking and stopping potential terrorist attacks against the United States.

But, a new report Wednesday from the Justice Department's Inspector General says the FBI has been lax in updating the nation's terror watch list, CBS News correspondent Bob Orr reports.

The report, which looked at 216 terrorism investigations, reveals the FBI has often been late in submitting names of suspected terrorist to the watch list, and in a few cases, has never added the names.

And the report says 12 suspects, who should have been added to the list, may have traveled into or out of the United States.

In addition, Inspector General Glenn Fine also found in 8 percent of the cases the FBI failed to remove names of terror suspects who had been cleared for one reason or another.

In releasing the findings Fine said, "The FBI needs to ensure that it makes timely nominations to the terrorist watch list - failure to do so can have significant consequences for public safety."

FBI Assistant Director John Miller did not dispute the report, but said the FBI has already taken steps to improve watch list procedures by implementing all 16 recommendations received from the IG.

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