Report: EMT Shoots Two Then Gives Them CPR

Photo: Police took one man into custody after the shooting.

ABINGTON, Mass. (WBZ) It seems a quick-to-shoot emergency worker may have been immediately remorseful for his actions after shooting two people in Abington.

Witnesses told the Patriot Ledger they watched a man shoot two other men Sunday morning, then frantically perform CPR on them.

"Why did you make me shoot you?" Rhys Williams, 41, asked his victims, according to a witness.

Williams shot John Brinkman, 42, in the leg and Paul Brinkman, 36, in the chest early Sunday morning, Abington Police Chief David Majenski told the Patriot Ledger.

Williams is an emergency medical technician.

Neighbors say all three men had been drinking together late Saturday night at a house in the neighborhood.

"That is the craziest thing I have ever seen," Joseph LaPointe, a neighbor, told the Patriot Ledger. "This is a quiet neighborhood. It is all families."

Police are expected to release more information Monday.

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