Cops: Deadly "2 drunk 2 care" driver had .15 blood alcohol

The profile photo for a Twitter account believed to belong to Kayla Mendoza


Kayla Mendoza, the Fla. woman who allegedly texted “2 drunk 2 care” before killing two people in a wrong-way accident  had a blood alcohol level of .15, according to a police affidavit in the case.

At about 1:30 a.m. on Nov. 17, Mendoza, 20, was traveling east in the westbound lane of the Sawgrass Expressway in Coral Springs when she allegedly crashed into a car carrying two passengers. Marisa Catronio, 21, died at the scene, and Kaitlyn Ferrante, 21, died later at the hospital.

Florida Highway Patrol spokesperson Mark Wysocky told CBS News’ Crimesider that Mendoza was also severely injured in the crash.

A search warrant filed Tuesday claims that Mendoza's blood alcohol was nearly twice the legal limit one hour after the crash, and that tests also showed traces of marijuana in Mendoza's system.

A previously released search warrant revealed that Mendoza had been drinking the night of the crash at a bar called the Tijuana Taxi Co., and driving her boyfriend’s car without a license. The boyfriend, Javier Reyes, told CBS Miami that the couple had been arguing on the night of the crash and that the “2 drunk 2 care” tweet was aimed at him.

"'2 drunk 2 care' about my feelings, about me being a little possessive, jealous," said Reyes.

Both Catronio and Ferrante’s families have filed lawsuits against Mendoza, Reyes and the Tijuana Taxi Co., who they allege served the underage Mendoza drinks just hours before the crash.

No charges have been filed in the case.

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