Report: Convicted murderer charged with killing wife

Tony Degrafreed being taken into police custody, July 20, 2014.

CBS affiliate WISH

INDIANAPOLIS - A man convicted of killing his then-wife more than 20 years ago was arrested over the weekend and charged with killing his current wife, reports CBS affiliate WISH.

Lt. Chris Bailey says 50-year-old Tony Degrafreed was arrested Sunday after officers found his 47-year-old wife, Rebecca Degrafreed, dead from head trauma on the floor of her bedroom in an Indianapolis home.

Bailey says Tony Degrafreed is also suspected of stabbing the woman's son, 19-year-old Jordan Yarbro, in the chest, inflicting minor injuries.

Yarbro told CBS affiliate WISH that he heard thumping noises coming from his parent's bedroom on Sunday morning. He said that he banged on the door to see if everything was alright and that his stepfather responded that everything was fine.

Yarbro told police that his stepfather then came out of the bedroom and stabbed him in the chest before fleeing the home on foot. He was apprehended nearby and faces a preliminary charge of murder, police say.

Detectives have not released a motive in the slaying, but according to WISH, this isn't the first time Tony Degrafreed has been charged with murder. The 50-year-old was also reportedly accused in the January 1994 death of 26-year-old Stacy Degrafreed, who was his estranged wife at the time.

According to the station, authorities said Tony Degrafreed shot three people during a domestic dispute and Stacy Degrafreed died in that shooting.

Court documents obtained by WISH indicate Tony Degrafreed was convicted of that murder in March 1995 and was sentenced to 30 years in prison, but only served 12 years before being released early.

"He actually got out of prison not too long ago and he came here," Jeffery Yarbro, another one of Rebecca Degrafreed's sons told WISH. "My mother gave him a place to stay, she put clothes on his back. She found a way to get him a job, make sure he could try to provide."