Rep. accidentally discharges firearm in Ky. capitol building

Representative Leslie Combs

Rep. Leslie Combs says she “accidentally discharged a firearm” in her legislative office in the Capitol Annex in Frankfort, Ky., Tuesday, in a statement obtained by CBS News’ Crimesider.

No one was injured in the incident, which was investigated by the Kentucky State Police’s legislative detail.

Combs said she followed “standard safety procedures when the accident occurred” and that police found no evidence that any portion of the round traveled outside her office.

She said she has a concealed-carry permit which she obtained several years ago.

“I strongly support our Second Amendment rights and our state’s concealed-carry law, and believe just as strongly that gun safety and education must be part of that equation,” she said. “I urge everyone to be extremely cautious with their firearm. I know from personal experience how easy it is to discharge a firearm accidentally.”

Concealed weapons are permitted in the Capitol Annex, where Combs’ firearm discharged, but not in the Supreme Court room of the Capitol, Brian Wilkerson, Communications Director for the office of the Kentucky House Speaker, told Crimesider Wednesday.