"Rent is Too Damn High" founder running for governor in New York

Jimmy McMillan of the Rent is 2 Damn High Party, running for New York State Governor, speaks during the gubernatorial debate at Hofstra University October 18, 2010 in Hempstead, New York.

Pool, Getty Images

The rent in New York is still too damn high for Jimmy McMillan.

The Vietnam vet and former postal worker caused a splash in 2010 when he ran for governor of New York with the backing of a political party he founded, called "the Rent is Too Damn High." He's running again this year, USA Today reports, because "spineless politicians" have let rents run through the roof.

"The reason the rent is too damn high is because we have the most expensive government in the entire nation and pay the most taxes," McMillan reportedly said in a statement.

The rent is indeed high, a Goldman Sachs report published this summer showed. As Americans struggled with home ownership during the recession, the demand for rentals increased. And since construction slowed during the recession, the supply of housing did not keep up with that new demand. In dozens of cities across America, people put more than one third of their income toward rent, the New York Times reported this year. In New York City, the median rent in the third quarter of 2013 was 39.5 percent -- up from 23.7 percent in the first quarter of 2000.

The Rent is Too Damn High Party is also backing Greg Fischer for comptroller in New York, USA Today reports. The party also supported a slate of candidates in Washington, D.C.'s Democratic primary elections this year.