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Remembering Richard Pryor

This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
The tributes to Richard Pryor have been pouring in. The great comedian died this past weekend after years of failing health.

Pryor first came on my radar in the 1970s. With album titles I can't repeat on radio, Pryor painted outrageous and hilarious scenarios that were scream out loud funny. I remember feeling like I was part of a cult.

Not everyone found Pryor so amusing. Pryor was fearless — or so it seemed. His famous word association standoff with Chevy Chase on Saturday Night Live was groundbreaking. His use of profanity, of the "n" word was unheard of.

Pryor said, "As a black man, as an entertainer, take me as I am; not how you want me to be." We couldn't get enough.

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By Harry Smith