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Remember Service Stations? Harry Does.

I'm old enough to remember uniformed attendants at service stations. Yes, we called them service stations, not gas stations, back in the day.

And over time, as highways improved and we drove more and more, and automation advanced as well the idea of pumping your own gas became quite normal.

Nowadays, there is almost no service at gas stations. You can buy milk and beer and lottery tickets and gas. But, you rarely find anyone in a gas station who can give you directions, let alone offer advice on a carburetor.

Our cars are loaded with computer sensors, and one of the sensors insists the back right tire is low on air pressure.

If a service station still existed, that would be a simple problem to fix. But, yesterday in New York we went to two different gas stations and neither had air. Not even for sale.

When I do find one with air, I'm pretty sure no one there will have a pressure gauge. Taco chips yes, but, service… Unh-uh.
By Harry Smith

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