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Relive childhood with an epic "Mary Poppins" remix

(CBS News) While the legendary Weekend Music Round-Up will be happening shortly, let's take a moment to celebrate that it's finally Friday with a bit of music and nostalgia in the form of a re-mixed song tribute of -- wait for it -- Mary Poppins! Check it out above.

The classic movie-made-into-music was posted on YouTube by Nick Bertke (aka Pogo)who has been highlighted numerous times here on The Feed, and who writes about his latest entry:

Alo art lovers! Here's my new mix, 100% of which is sounds from Disney's Mary Poppins. Just realized I'm uploading this on me birfday. Fitting. Mary Poppins practically shaped me as a kid. Having no idea of what anyone was really saying, I fell very deeply into this film. Hope you enjoy this, folks, and thank you so much for sharing my videos!

Awwww... happy birthday, Nick! While we can't offer you any cake, we can present you with a big triple-rainbow salute of epic music mixing in the form of childhood nostalgia from all of us here at The Feed! And to check out even more amazing work by Nick Bertkedefinitely be sure to see our previous posts on him by clicking here or you can go to his YouTube page by clicking here.

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