Relief, Finally, For The Seligmanns

parents of Reade Seligmann interviewed by katie couric in raleigh durham nc april 11 2007
It's clear that the last 395 days have wreaked havoc on three families, including Kathy and Phillip Seligmann and their four sons.

Their eldest son is former Duke lacrosse player Reade Seligmann. They spoke with CBS News Anchor Katie Couric exclusively about their ordeal and the relief the feel now.

what was your reaction when the ag cleared your son

when he said 'innocent,' that was when we screamed

your son's mugshot was out there, walking with handcuffs. how do you get past that
i'll never get past that, k

if you had a chance to say something to Nifong today, what would you say?
" Phillip said. "I'll never understand. Never understand."

would you like him to resign?


would you like him to be disbarred


why do you think it snowballed. i think people wanted to believe this. what will shock me 'til the day i die, no matter how many facts come out, hard core facts, people just closed their eyes to them," Kathy said.

what are your feelings about

What are his plans for the future?

Back to Duke?

What lesson have you as a family learned from this, and what lesson can we all learn from this?