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Rejected: Marriage Proposal Turned Down, L.A. Man Tries to Run Over His Intended with His Car

I Don't: Man Allegedly Tried To Run Down Woman With Car After She Refused Marriage Proposal
(AP Photo, file)

LOS ANGELES (CBS/AP) In case you need proof that some people simply can't handle rejection...

A California man proposed marriage to an ex-girlfriend, who, sadly, turned him down. Then - it is alleged - he tried to run her over with his car.

The Los Angeles Times reported Friday that after their "encounter," the jilted suitor, Francisco Hernandez, was seen walking down the street with a bouquet of flowers.

The proposal took place Thursday afternoon at a Burger Stop restaurant.

After the woman said no, Hernandez allegedly drove onto the sidewalk, through bushes and into the restaurant parking lot, narrowly missing the woman of his dreams. On the car's back window - the words, "Stacy Will You Marry Me."

Hernandez was later picked up while fleeing on foot.

Sheriff's Lt. Andrew Berg says the 22-year-old was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Who says chivalry is dead?