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Reid's Office Already Prepping For Bigger Majority

Harry Reid isn't just dreaming of a dramatically expanded Democratic majority these days, he's already lining up the legislation Democrats should be able to pass if they get close to the magical 60 threshold.

Reid's chief of staff, Gary Myrick, sent out an email to every Democratic staff director this week asking for Senate offices to re-submit bills that came close to getting 60 votes last year but failed. Reid has only had a 51 to 49 working majority over the past two years, and fell short on countless Democratic priorities, including energy bills, Iraq troop withdrawal and health related legislation. Week after week Reid complained about "Republican obstruction," and now he's preparing a Senate agenda that assumes an expanded Democratic majority that could overcome most filibusters.

If Democrats even approach 60 Democratic senators and get to 57 or 58 in the Senate, Reid could easily pick off a couple Republicans on several major issues that comes before the 111th Congress next year.

Myrick's email said that Reid first wants legislation for laws that are about to expire in the first half of the year along with anything that Republicans filibustered last year.

At the top of this list may be the massive expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), an initiative that was vetoed by President Bush. At this point, even with a modestly expanded majority, the stalled SCHIP expansion bill seems like a slam dunk for Democrats early next year.

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