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Reid: Monday Vote Possible For Bailout Package

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says a Monday vote is possible on the final bailout package if the negotiators can come to an agreement on the legislation over the weekend.

This is as specific as Reid has been on a final vote on the $700 billion plan, which is still being written by top congressional leaders and may be finalized over the weekend. Of course, any speculation about final votes — even when it comes from the Senate majority leader — must be taken with a grain of salt given the tumultuous nature of negotiations on this massive bailout.

"If agreement can be reached, we will have a vote on Monday," Reid said. "We wouldn't consider being in session on Monday, but for the fact that Secretary Paulson has told us we're in a financial crisis."

The Senate will need to adjourn Monday afternoon by sunset for Rosh Hashanah, but the chamber could come back Wednesday if more work needs to be done.

The Senate will be in session Saturday to vote on a $630 billion Defense Department spending bill and the year-end funding resolution and bailout negotiators will meet behind closed doors throughout the weekend.

Reid did not take into account the fact that John McCain is flying back from Mississippi to Washington tonight, and may very well alight on the Capitol to help with negotiations again. It's not clear what impact McCain might have on the negotiations at this point.

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