Reid: Kennedy Is An Icon And A Fighter

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who delivered the somber news about Edward Kennedy's malignant brain tumor to a closed Senate luncheon today, has released a statement about Kennedy.

"The Senate is a family. We are all concerned about the health of Senator Kennedy. He is a friend, the model of public service and an American icon," Reid said. "And anyone who knows Ted Kennedy also knows that he is a fighter. He has a work ethic like no other and has risen to every challenge he's faced - and we are confident he will rise to this one as well. It's no surprise to me that when I talked with his wife today, she told me he is in good spirits and full of energy."

"The thoughts and prayers of the entire Senate family are with Ted and the Kennedy family. We are not sure when he will return to the Senate, but we all look forward to his recovery. Millions of Americans have benefited from the work of Ted Kennedy, and I know he's not done yet."