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Reid Dodges AIG Bailout Questions

Many times, Harry Reid has said he'd rather dance than fight when it comes to getting things done in Congress.

Today he apparently chose to dance, giving a meandering answer about whether he backed the federal government's bailout of AIG.

Reid was asked directly by a reporter whether he approved of the $86 billion loan that saved the world's largest insurance company. He would only say that he met with top Bush administration officials who informed him the bailout was underway earlier this week.

"I made it very clear I'm happy to meet with you, but the fact that I'm meeting with you doesn't mean I support what you're doing," Reid said. "What happened has happened."

So does that mean he's against it? Or for it, backing the Bush administration on a major economic move?

"I'm not in a position to say that what they've done has been appropriate," Reid said.

Quickly changing subjects, Reid shifted back to bashing the Bush administration on financial deregulation.

"This administration hates government," Reid said, referring to the same administration that just bailed out half of Wall Street and the entire mortgage industry.

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