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Rehtaeh Parsons Update: "Anonymous" says its members have contacted alleged rapists in case of girl who committed suicide

Rehtaeh Parsons Facebook

(CBS) -- The internet activist group Anonymous told Crimesider in an e-mail that some people in the group have communicated with more than one of the alleged rapists in the case of Rehtaeh Parsons, a Canada teen who hanged herself after being bullied and becoming depressed over an alleged rape by four teenage boys.

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"Some of us have had contact with the boys in question. And yeah, they're still not denying anything," a spokesperson for the group said in an e-mail. "One of them post (sic) on Facebook a day ago that yes, she was drunk and throwing up when he had sex with her, but she wanted him to."

Seventeen-year-old Rehtaeh Parsons was taken off life-support by her mother, Leah Parsons, on Sunday after she hanged herself last week. According to Leah Parsons, her daughter never recovered from an alleged rape by four teenage boys that left her deeply depressed and bullied in her community.

Rehtaeh's mother said one boy took a photo of the alleged rape in 2011 and her daughter was subjected to bullying after it went viral.

After a year-long investigation, police concluded there were no grounds to charge the four boys because of insufficient evidence.

But Anonymous says the group is far from satisfied with police involvement in the case.

"I wouldn't call it an investigation. That would involve fact-finding research, with interviews and interrogations," the spokesperson said. "The evidence of a crime was being transmitted from cell phone to cell phone by hundreds of students."

In a statement released by Anonymous on Thursday, the group vowed to bring "justice" to the case and asked the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Nova Scotia, where the alleged crime took place, to take "immediate legal action against the individuals in question."

"It's laughable to believe that the police or even Rehtaeh's so-called teachers were unable to find evidence of a crime," the spokesperson said in the e-mail to Crimesider.

"The boys were very open about what they had done which, other than having sex with an inebriated, vomiting 15-year-old girl, was to spread nude images of a minor to hundreds of people," the spokesperson said.

The internet activist group says it plans to release the names of the alleged rapists if law enforcement does not take action.

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