Regis Philbin talks missing "LIVE," Kelly Ripa

Regis Philbin on "CBS This Morning."
Regis Philbin on "CBS This Morning."

(CBS News) Regis Philbin ended his run on "LIVE with Regis & Kelly" on Nov. 18, 2011. These days, the beloved host who has put in more than 17,000 hours on-air said he's sleeping later and that, "once in a while" he does miss the day-to-day of the broadcast.

"If I'm out the night before, and I went to the Friars Club last night, they had a party for the book, so I enjoyed it. There was a lot of colorful people there," he said Tuesday on "CBS This Morning." "I could talk about it today, you know, on the show. Those are the days, the mornings that I miss."

"But other than that, you know, 28 years in a row," he said. "Same building, same Gelman [the show's producer], same everything."

He says he watches the show "once in a while," and, asked if he misses Kelly Ripa, his former co-host, said, "Kelly's terrific. Yeah. I do miss [her]."

Regis is now appearing on the "Rachel Ray Show" once a month, learning to prepare dishes he says he can make for his wife Joy who, he said, is tired of cooking for him.

"[Rachel is] a great gal. She really is," he said. "You know what I thought of, because joy is a little tired of cooking for me after all these years, so I said to her, 'Rachael Ray,' I said, 'Rachel, every time I come on this show, I want to learn another meal that I will cook for Joy.' She said, 'You got it. She said, 'What's the first one?' I went, 'Bacon and eggs.' Love bacon and eggs. I don't know how to do it, but I'm going to learn. Maybe I'll invite you all for breakfast."

For more with Philbin, pick up his memoir, in which he shares his stories and lessons learned. "How I Got This Way," is being released on paperback and features chapters on unsuspecting teachers, including Letterman, George Clooney, Notre Dame Coach Frank Leahy and Ronald Reagan.

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