Redhead Student: They Kicked me and Ran

A redheaded sixth-grade girl victimized by a Facebook prank calling for students to participate in "Kick a Ginger Day" says she was scared that the incident could have gotten worse.

Hannah Krieger, 11, told CBS' "The Early Show" Thursday that the students who hurt her, "kicked me and ran away."

She said, "I didn't even really know what happened."

Hannah's mother, Susan, said she wished parents of the students who kicked the redheaded children would have monitored Facebook more closely.

"This could have been stopped," Susan Krieger said.

Investigators say at least seven redheaded students were attacked at a Southern California middle school after a Facebook group announced "Kick a Ginger Day."

Los Angeles County sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said Wednesday that detectives identified eight boys at A.E. Wright Middle School in Calabasas, Calif. as formal subjects of the investigation into Friday's attacks. No arrests have been made.

Whitmore says the most serious assault was on a 12-year-old boy, whose cuts and bruises were treated by a school nurse. Four girls and two other boys were pushed, shoved and bullied by their classmates.

Sheriff's investigators say the Facebook message may have been inspired by a "South Park" TV episode that satirized racial prejudice by portraying a campaign against red-haired, fair-skinned "ginger" people.