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Red, Red Wine


From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

MADISON, WIS. -- After a long day of campaigning, Hillary Clinton unwound with the traveling press aboard Hill-Force One late last night. Armed with a glass of red wine, Clinton spoke on the record to reporters about her favorite beer, "Blue Moon" and how she is "bipartisan" when it comes to her favorite choice in ales.

Clinton casually leaned one arm on the back of a seat as she fielded some more important questions, like her thoughts on Barack Obama borrowing words from Gov. Deval Patrick, D-Mass. "If you're whole candidacy is about words, they should be your own words — that's what I think," Clinton said, taking sips of the red between questions.

At one point, Clinton was asked whether or not she comprehends the delegate allocation process of Texas, a state that has both a primary and a caucus on the same day. "I've got people trying to understand it," Clinton said candidly. "Grown men are crying as we speak. I had no idea it was so bizarre," the former First Lady joked.

For months the traveling press has had a debate over whether or not Clinton's visits to the back of the plane should be on the record, or reportable. Early on, Clinton used to schmooze with reporters – often enjoying a drink – off the record. Now, if Clinton wants to speak off the record, she can call members of the press to the front of the airplane, leaving those unable to participate in their seats in the rear of the aircraft. Since arriving at that decision, Clinton has done fewer trips to the back of the plane, so needless to say most of the traveling press was quite confused when a seemingly upbeat Clinton visited the press cabin.

Clinton doesn't overstay her welcome in the press cabin, oftentimes getting her cue to head back to her seat in the first class cabin from the pilot, who starts to taxi on the runway without warning.

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