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Red-footed booby found some 5,000 miles from nearest habitat flown home

LONDON -- Norman the booby bird may have clocked up the most unlikely air miles in aviation history.

The red-footed booby, a native of tropical zones, was discovered on a southern English beach Sept. 4, some 5,000 miles from his nearest Caribbean habitat. It was first recorded sighting of the species in Britain. 

Named Norman by his rescuers, the starving, dehydrated bird spent months under heat lamps as a Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals wildlife center nursed him back to health. 

In September, the RSPCA shared a photo of Norman on Twitter.

Wildlife officials said Saturday that the bird is back where he belongs, a Cayman Islands nature reserve following a 12-hour British Airways flight Thursday with a veterinary escort. 

The pilot, Capt. Shaun Griffiths, described Norman as “by far the most unusual” passenger he’s ever had. 

Norman will spend 30 days in quarantine before he is released to start his new life next year, the BBC reported

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