Red Fang's "Wires" music video is a smashing good time

(CBS) - Do you feel the need for speed? Do you like a bit of mayhem with your music? Got milk? Oh, I've got you wondering with that last question, don't I?

Well, watch Red Fang's new music video for their song "Wires" and you'll see just what I mean - the lactose intolerant destruction kicks in at about 3:45 into the video.

 Good song, lots of explosions and a clever play on making an inexpensive music video - what's not to like?

The song comes off of Red Fang's new album, "Murder The Mountains". The video is directed by Whitey McConnaughy and reminds me a bit of the famous Ant Farm art project "Media Burn" (but with more emphasis on a car making things explode than a statement, it seems).

For more music and info on Red Fang, you can go to their website by clicking HERE.