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Red Bull Kluge: Weird word, amazing video

(CBS News) Here at The Feed, we love wacky Rube Goldberg-style machines, we love action sports, and we love weird words. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the trifecta: The Red Bull Kluge. Take 11 stars of the extreme sports world, set them up in an empty airfield, tack on some unnecessary bowling balls, levers and other randomness, and what do you get? Hit play and see for yourself.

If I had any problems with this 6-minute slice of awesomeness, it's the word "kluge." As the definition at the top of the video helpfully explains, a kluge is a clever-but-inelegant solution to a problem. The high-flying tricks and wacky connections in this energy drink-fueled machine are anything but inelegant.

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Of course, let's not forget, as awesome as this video is, it's not even the coolest thing Red Bull has pulled off this year. Felix Baumgardner's record-breaking supersonic skydive still holds that crown. But as impressive as "Fearless" Felix's jump was, here at The Feed, we'll take this fun-filled kluge action any day of the week.

UPDATE: If you'd like to check out behind-the-scenes of this great video, be sure to click here.

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