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Recreating The Salon Look At Home

As most women can attest, replicating "salon hair" at home and on your own is a seemingly impossible task.

However, there are some easy ways to get your hair to look salon spectacular with your own two hands - especially this fall, with voluminous, textured hair so in vogue. Frederic Fekkai, celebrity hair stylist and owner of the Frederic Fekkai salon, demonstrates how to create gorgeous hair on Monday's The Early Show.

Fekkai says that one of the things to remember is that hair isn't all about being stick-straight anymore.

"Volume is back, with loose texture, definition, and exaggerated fullness. It's not messy, but hair today has movement. It's about glamour and sophistication, and you can get your hair to look this way at home," he says.

Frederic also reminds women that in order to create great hair at home, they have to maintain the health of their manes. He suggests regularly using a hair mask or hot oil treatment, plus shampoo formulated for your hair type to prevent and repair breakage or splitting, and to keep hair looking its healthiest at all times.

Here are three looks that are very easy to re-create on your own.

Transforming long, straight/wavy hair into beautiful ringlets:
There are a few key steps to getting this look at home. First, apply products that will work with your hair texture. A woman with relatively straight, fine hair, will want to use a volumizing mousse to give her hair a little lift at the roots so it's not stuck to her head. To create ringlets, it's also a good idea to use a curl enhancing creme, so that when curl is created, it'll stay in place. Create curl definition by making pin curls, blasting with a hot hair dryer, and letting it all sit for a while until the curls are dry. To finish, take the pins out, shake out the curls, and spray with an instant volume spray.

Creating tousled waves with extremely unruly hair:
Women with unruly hair have a brutal time trying to tame it into flowing locks; the combination of curl, coarseness and volume makes for a difficult blowout. However, with a few easy tricks, it's possible to get a styled head of hair without a lot of pain. Again, there are a few steps to getting this look at home. First, dry hair as straight as possible with a round or paddle brush. Using a straightening gel or creme is helpful in this step. Next, spritz hair with a wave or curl enhancing spray, and apply rollers (hot, velcro, or both) to hair. Leave the curlers in for about 30 minutes, then remove and run fingers through hair to create a tousled look. Finish off with a sheer-hold hairspray so that the unruly hair doesn't pop up all over the place, and the result is a wavy 'do that's sleek and not out of control.

Getting a sleek, straight look on the kinkiest of hair:
To get kinky or tightly curled hair to lay straight, apply a straightening serum or glaze to the hair, then smooth out hair with a blowdryer and round or paddle brush. When the hair is fully dried, get a comb and a straightening iron. Combing down the hair slowly, follow the comb with a straightening iron down the hair shaft, keeping the iron moving. Continue around the entire head (to do the back of the head, either pull hair at the back of your head towards the front of your body, or flip your head upside down and do in sections from the bottom up), and finish with a shine-enhancing cream or oil to make hair sleek and shiny.

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