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Record-setting alligator caught in Mississippi

Mississippi hunters set a state record Sunday, catching an alligator that stretched over 13 feet and weighed 727 pounds.

Dustin Bockman, Ryan Bockman and Cole Landers captured the animal in the Mississippi River in Claiborne County. While the catch is reportedly two inches shorter than Mississippi's length record, it's officially the heaviest, according to Mississippi's alligator program coordinator, Ricky Flynt.

The state's alligator hunting season, sponsored by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, ends on Sept. 9.

According to CBS affiliate WJTV, a different hunting party also set a Mississippi alligator record over the weekend. Ellisville hunters Brandon "Boo" Maskew and Allen Purvis caught a 10-foot-long, 295.3-pound female alligator Saturday, setting both the state's length and weight records for female alligators.

Dustin Bockman with the 727-pound alligator. Dustin Bockman/Ryan Bockman/ Cole Landers
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