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Record-setting 275,000 dominoes cascade all at once

(CBS News) Be prepared to be truly amazed. The next time you're impressed by toppling over your home box of dominoes, then just imagine -- or better yet, watch for yourself -- what it looks like for 275,000 dominoes to cascade all at once. The truly captivating video above captures the German company Sinners Domino Entertainment breaking a Guinness World Record by doing just that (well, it was apparently 272,297 out of 277,275 dominoes to be exact, but who's counting!? Answer: they are).

And while this video is pretty long, running at 10:01, I honestly wouldn't recommend you skip ahead to anything. I am confident that you will get lost in the site and sound of this amazing accomplishment. Not only do they create an amazing cascading event, but they also spell out words, including their trademark phrase, "Enjoy Your Life," and create impressive images with the falling tiles.

Though the main mystery is: How long did it take them to set this up? Days? Weeks? And did they practice ahead of time or just cross their fingers and see where the chips (or rather the tiles) fell? This feat requires an unbelievable amount of patience, but the end result is worth every painstaking tile they placed.

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