Record-Breaking Bunny Brood

The Easter bunny...or rather the stork, has paid a visit to a mother in Cyprus. The proud new parent is a female rabbit, and she has given birth to what could be the largest litter ever.

Twenty-four baby bunnies were born to a rabbit kept by retired farmer Dimitris Andrea. The black and white spotted mother is one of several rabbits he keeps in cages throughout his orchard.

The extra large litter is more than twice the usual number born to any rabbit at any one time. Andrea hopes that the big bunny brood will qualify for a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

He began breeding rabbits when he gave up farming several years ago. Andrea now has hundreds of them and is worried that if they keep breeding at this pace, he will soon run out of room.

Such a problem isn't so far fetched. Large litters run in these little rabbits' family. Their grandmother once gave birth to a litter of 18.

So, if his rabbits continue reproducing at this rapid rate, Andrea may have to come out of retirement and take up carrot farming.