Reckless driver in Barnstaple, England mistakenly reported to Barnstable, Mass. 911

BARNSTABLE, Mass. — “Our response time is gonna be about six hours,” a Barnstable, Massachusetts dispatcher told a woman who called Thursday to report an erratic driver, in Barnstaple, England, reports CBS Boston.

The woman said she had just noticed a car hit another vehicle, after crossing over the center line, and the dispatcher can be heard asking for her location.

“I’m driving back from Barnstaple to Muddiford,” she said.

Later, still unable to figure out where the woman is, the dispatcher asked, “Can you give me a landmark then?”

Finally, the woman realized she hasn’t called an officer who’s familiar with her neighborhood.

“You’re not local then, you can’t be,” she said. 

The dispatcher replies, “You’ve called the Barnstable police department in Massachusetts.” 

“Massachusetts?” She asks. 

“Yes, Massachusetts,” he replies. 

“Sorry, there’s no way you can help me, is there?” The woman says.

“Where exactly are you calling from?” the dispatcher asks.


“It’s a different town. It’s twins with Barnstable, England,” the dispatcher says. “Our response time is going to be about six hours.”