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Rebel Wilson says Vogue Australia did not slim her down in Photoshop

Rebel Wilson is hitting back at claims that Vogue Australia body-shamed her and Photoshopped her image on its cover. Fans complained that the magazine covered up her body by putting her in a modest outfit. Some also thought the photo looked altered. 

One of Wilson's followers tweeted, "why is it that everytime a 'plus size' woman makes it to the cover of a fashion magazine, they wrap them in the heaviest coats imaginable?"

Another fan tweeted, "Excited that Rebel Wilson is getting a @vogueaustralia cover but bothered by that coat covering up her figure. As a curvy girl who sometimes struggles with loving that part of me, I'd love to see her rocking that dress without it."

Wilson did not directly address the complaints about her cloaked look, but she did respond when a fan accused Vogue Australia of excessive Photoshopping. One fan wrote, "Look at her face and hands. Slimmed down. Why can't they just show her in her natural beauty." 

Wilson tweeted back that she was not "slimmed down" in Photoshop, but lost weight by eating healthy and exercising for a month before the photo shoot -- adding that she indulged in brownies "immediately after."

To prove her point, Wilson tweeted a side-by-side of a raw photo from the shoot (not the cover photo) next to the published photo in the magazine. 

The "Pitch Perfect" actress is set to star alongside Scarlett Johansson in "Jojo Rabbit."