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Rebel Wilson hosts MTV Movie Awards: How'd she do?

Rebel Wilson was center stage Sunday night as she hosted the MTV Movie Awards.

"I'm just a fat, simple girl from Australia. All I've ever hosted is this parasitic worm," she told James Franco during a pre-taped opening segment at the beginning of the show.

Wilson opened and closed the show wearing Iron Man-style armor, which Franco warned her had been designed for Mila Kunis.

"Don't stretch it out," he said.

Wilson was a double winner on Sunday -- she picked up the breakthrough performance award for her work in "Pitch Perfect" and shared in the film's award for best musical moment. Its stars, including Brittany Snow and Skylar Astin, opened the show with a mash-up medley.

"I was a bit surprised they asked me to host, and so was MTV -- they thought I was Adele," Wilson joked.

She started the night in a pink tracksuit decorated with koalas, which came off to reveal a black leather ensemble underneath. Later in the night, she changed into a sparkly dress that was a subject of a "wardrobe malfunction" bit.

Wilson also poked fun at the best shirtless performance category ("we couldn't call the award best softcore porn," she explained) and peeked inside 9-year-old "Beasts of the Southern Wild" star Quvenzhane Wallis' puppy purse, joking that it was full of liquor bottles.

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