Reality Star New York Gets Her Man

New York
"I Love New York" came to a stunning conclusion Monday night when Tiffany Pollard, aka New York, finally picked the stable and devoted Patrick "Tango" Hunter over the temperamental bad boy, Chance.

"Tango," she told him, "New York wants you to be her rock."

Chance, who New York liked for "his thuggish ways," didn't take the news well. He refused to kiss her, gave her a half-hearted hug and told New York that she has a new pair of lips for kissing.

"Crazy, choice-makin' woman," he fumed to the cameras outside the house where New York and Tango remained.

After Chance's tantrum, New York gave Tango the last chain — On the show, chains are symbolic of New York's love and the man who doesn't get a chain goes home. He bent down on one knee and ask her to marry him.

She started laughing uncontrollably and looked like she was about pass out but New York, who seems to be in love with love, accepted.

"I've never been married before," she said. "Can we just go over the rules of marriage?"

New York came to fame after being rejected by veteran rapper Flavor Flav on his own VH1 reality show.

She has long expressed a desire for dangerous men. New York pulled no punches on either the first or second season of "Flavor of Love." She regularly taunted the other women, one of whom responded by spitting on her.

She seduced Flav with sexual behavior that left no room for innuendo. The audience loved it and VH1's ratings soared. She made such an impression that cable channel created a show just for her. She chose from 20 men and each week sent a different one home.

Before she chose the obviously enamored Tango, New York appeared like she was leaning towards Chance, a music producer who had already fathered a child. After eliminating Chance's brother Real, she took Chance and Tango to Playa Car, Mexico, for a vacation.

On the very first night, Chance may have sealed his fate when his bad-boy demeanor took hold and he threatened to cut Tango up at dinner. He broke a glass and kicked a glass of wine onto Tango, who finally rose out of his seat to meet the challenge.

"That fat-ass ninja turtle ain't takin' my woman!" Chance told the camera after the altercation.

Producers held the two apart and New York sent them back to separate hotel rooms so she could dine in peace.