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Reality Check: Obama And Ayers

CBS News' Reality Check team looks into the assertion, made by Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, that Barack Obama likes to "pals around with terrorists" like former Weather Underground member William Ayers. CBS News' Laura Strickler looks at the allegation and reports:
Over time Ayers emerged in Chicago as a community activist, became a professor and got involved in public school reform. This is how Obama met Ayers at a meeting on schools. Ayers reportedly hosted a campaign event for Obama's early forays into statewide politics in 1995 and the two men sat on two different foundation boards together where their job was to distribute educational grants to organizations. Ayers still sits on the board of The Woods Fund of Chicago but Obama left the board in 2002. That was the last time Obama had any official link to Ayers.

There is no evidence that Ayers gave money to or has been involved in the Obama campaign. There is also no indication the two have been in regular communication for at least six years.

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