"Real World" format changing for first time in 21 years

"Real World: Portland"
Ian Spanier/MTV

For those of you who weren't sure, yes -- "Real World" is still on television. But for the first time since premiering a whopping 21 years ago, the reality TV program is changing gears -- adding a new twist into the two-decade old franchise.

MTV announced Wednesday that exes will be brought into the mix, living all under the same roof in "Real World Ex-Plosion," set to debut in 2014. It's a clever name for the upcoming season, which is bound to be a recipe of disaster -- which means it could make for compelling reality TV.

Set in San Francisco (the location of the first-ever "Real World"), season 29 will feature seven strangers who become housemates -- only to learn their exes will be moving into the house, too.

"We're incredibly excited to throw a new huge twist into the Real World's 29th season by introducing a fresh dynamic to the relationships in the house," Jonathan Murray, executive producer of "Real World," said in a statement. "The original seven cast members have no idea their exes will be moving in, which spurs drama, humor, excitement, unpredictability and many incredibly real situations that will resonate with our viewers."

Viewers can expect lots of drama, along with sizzling and fizzling romances, producers say. Not surprising when you think about the idea of moving in with an ex.

Season 28 of "Real World," which took place in Portland, Ore., premiered in March.

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