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Real "Wolfman" Shares His Story

Shaun Ellis, a wildlife preservationist, has eaten, slept and even lived with wolves.

So, what's it like to be among a wolf pack?

Ellis, co-author of "The Man Who Lives with Wolves," said it's like every day begins and ends in a miracle.

"Just to be a part of that for a small period of time, you get see things that many people don't," he said. "Everybody sees the stereotypical wolf, but there's a majesty to them, a true symbol of the wild. And when you're with them, it's one of the last places on earth where people aren't in charge. And that's a lovely place to be sometimes."

But how does Ellis get the wolves to trust him?

Ellis said he's never looked at staying with the wolves as a right.

"For me that was never the case," he said. "I work on a need basis with these guys because I have to because of the lower rank that I hold, and every day I have to maintain that need, and I don't take anything for granted. The respect has to be there."

Ellis said he feels like he's part of the pack.

He said, "I want them to feel that I'm there doing a job for them, doing a function, a service, if you like."

And Ellis said he doesn't plan to become the "alpha male" of his pack any time soon. He added that the alpha male isn't what people may think.

"For many young lads down in New York tonight, after a few beers, it would be, you know, arms get put out, chest gets puffed up, and they look for a fight wherever they can find it. That's not an alpha -- not in the natural world," Ellis said. "This is an animal that will use other creatures to buffer him, to save himself, to self-preserve because he carries the weight of knowledge and experience for the entire pack."

But what has Ellis learned living with the wolves?

"These guys were classified in the early stages certainly by the native people, as teacher. And I think that's their connection to us," he said. "I think they still have an awful lot to offer us and having spent that time with them, they've taught me an awful lot about me, about the world that we live in, about what this world is going to become. And maybe even a glimpse of how they could help.

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