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Real Men Wear Pink

With the help of David Zinczenko, editor in chief of Men's Health magazine, The Early Show's "Chic on a Shoestring" segment focused on spring fashions for men. The big headlines: Suits are coming back, pink is okay for men, and stripes are still hot.

Look No. 1: Work

Look cool and stay cool in a business suit.

According to the May issue of Men's Health, you can wear khaki suits in May. Khaki is huge this season in both men's and women's fashions. It's a perfect suit as the weather warms up. It's versatile, cool and looks good with all skin tones.

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One of the biggest trends in men's fashion is a return to classic American styles. Last year, it was seersucker; this year, khaki suits, which are quintessentially American. These suits are available at all price points, from low to high.

We pair it with a pink dress shirt, which is one of the hottest colors for spring. And yes, men can wear pink with no shame. And just so you know, Men's Health did a fashion feature on color in November and discovered that women are more drawn to men wearing certain colors. Guess what? Pink topped that list.

"It's a color women gravitate toward," according to Lisa Herbert, executive vice president at Pantone, a color research firm. "It indicates intimacy and sensitivity." Not to mention confidence.

  • The Look: Khaki suit, pink dress shirt, brown dress shoes.

    Suit: Express, $300
    Shirt: Express, $50
    Shoes: Aldo, $160
    Total: $510

    Suit: Z Zegna, $925
    Shirt: Z Zegna, $185
    Shoes: Cole Haan, $345
    Total: $1,455

    The Difference: The Z Zegna suit is made from a softer, more expensive cotton. In addition, it's unlined, so it's actually even cooler than the Express suit with lining. It's more expensive to have an unlined suit because everything has to be finished more cleanly, since it's exposed.

    Look No. 2: The Date

    A mix of tailored and relaxed.

    When you don't know what she's wearing, it's best to err on the side of dressier. The easiest way to do this is to mix a tailored item with something more casual. It sends the signal that you're part serious, part relaxed.

    Guys are always most comfortable in jeans, but you don't want to look like a slob when you're trying to make a good impression. So, wear a collared shirt and jacket. If she's in a cocktail dress sitting across the table from you, you look dressed up from the waist up.

    Denim for spring is lightening up, with more of a stonewashed effect, but otherwise, it's clean and distress-free.

    The Look: Dark sport coat, white collared shirt, denim jeans, lace-up shoes.

    Sport Coat: Banana Republic, $250
    Shirt: Banana Republic, $78
    Jeans: Banana Republic, $98
    Shoes: Aldo, $139
    Total: $565

    Sport Coat: Polo Ralph Lauren, $525
    Shirt: Ralph Lauren Purple Label, $225
    Jeans by Seven, $165
    Shoes: Cole Haan, $375
    Total: $1,290

    The Difference: Designer denim is one of the biggest trends in men's fashion now. Seven Jeans is one of the hottest brands, and they are instantly recognizable by the pocket detailing. The Banana Republic jeans have no pocket detailing, which might be preferable to some guys.

    The Polo jacket is unlined, which makes it cooler to wear and more expensive to make.

    Look No. 3: The Weekend

    What to wear at the beach? White was big on the runways for spring, in suits, shirts, shorts and trousers. It can be a hard color to pull off, so we like it in casual, relaxed pants, ideal for a weekend at the beach.

    While white-on-white (shirt and pants, or suit jacket and trousers) was the way designers showed it, Men's Health magazine takes a more realistic approach, mixing it with the season's cool striped shirts.

    The Look: White pants, aqua blue striped shirt, worn untucked with sleeves rolled, and sandals.

    Shirt: Gap, $54
    Pants: Gap, $44
    Sandal: Aldo, $90
    Total: $188

    Shirt: Canali, $225
    Pants: Canali, $225
    Sandals: Cole Haan, $155
    Total: $605

    The Difference: Fabric and detailing. The Canali shirt and pants are made from a finer, softer cotton. Both have more texture than the Gap look, as well as more pocket details, although the overall effect is quite similar.

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