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Real Men Don't Gussy Up

This Morning ponders whether "real men" should "gussy up," Friday, June 26. Watch CBS This Morning weekdays from 7AM ET to 9AM ET (check local listings).size>

Do "real men" gussy up? To find out, CBS This Morning decided to go right to the source – a pool hall in the heart of Texas. There, they asked a bunch of pool players that very question. Here's what they said:

"Real men gussy up? They do, but they shouldn't."

"You gotta shave, you know, before you go out. Put on some clean pants."

"My wife already complains about, you know, sharing the bathroom and things like that. The last thing she'd want me to do would be share nail polish."

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"You can't color your hair, you can't do that. You've got to go out, you know, work with what you got, you know. You can't color your hair."

"I don't own no hair products, never had a process. I don't even own a hairdryer."

"I get a haircut once in a while. Take a bath."

"You can't color your hair, you can't do you nails. Dallas, though, is known for women with hair and fingernails. But I don't know about the men. God help us if we're known for men with hair and fingernails. Then we're in bad shape."

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