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Readying For Clinton's Near-Last Hoorah

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

NEW YORK -- Barack Obama may be on the verge of clinching the party's nomination, but the big story remains at camp Hillary Clinton, where hundreds of press have gathered to cover the potential downfall of the once-viewed inevitable nominee of the Democratic Party.

The "Election Night Celebration" as the campaign calls it, is being held at Baruch College in New York City. The gymnasium is packed with supporters and staff members, all in formal dress. Perhaps one way of describing the scene is that there are more champagne drinkers here than beer chuggers in the crowd. The staff seems to be in good spirits, most of them smiling and coalescing with one another. There are staff members here that many of us haven't seen in months.

The area designated for the press is larger than any other election night celebration, including Super Tuesday back in February. It's the first time that there haven't been large TVs inside the room where she's speaking broadcasting primary results.

Inside the press filing area is constant chatter and speculation among reporters of when Clinton may drop out. Some say it will be tonight, others seem to think she will wait until later in the week.

Regardless of the mood or the dress code, one thing is for certain: not a single person in these two rooms has any idea what is going through Clinton's mind, and it is unlikely that anyone will accurately predict the future of her campaign.

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