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Three years ago, at the age of 44, Dr. Marie Miczak decided to pursue her long-time dream, to learn how to ice skate.

"I enjoy the freedom of getting out and expressing myself. And, you know, the freedom of movement. I think it's the closest thing you're going to get to flight," she says.

The Early Show co-anchor Rene Syler decided to join her.

"I hadn't been on the ice since I was a kid. I use to love ice-skating, but stopped when my family moved. Now I missed it," says Syler. "So, earlier this year I laced up at the ripe young age of 41 and was shocked at how much just came flowing back to me once I hit the ice. Today I skate at least once a week."

The Early Show is pairing with More magazine to profile women in their 40s and older who are reaching for the things in life they still long to do.

"I think 40 is still a huge milestone for women. Forty might be the new 20, or maybe 50 is the new 30," says Peggy Northrop, editor-in-chief of More. "As you become more competent in your life, especially if you have kids and your kids have gotten a little bit older, you think, 'What happened to the fun in my life. If not now, when am I going to try all of the things I've been dreaming about over the years?'"

In the December-January issue, More profiles several women who had a life-changing event that spurred them on to try something they always wanted to do.

Northrop offers some tips on how women can pay attention and put fun back in their lives:

  • Identify Your Passions: Sometimes you may have to think back to what you liked to do as a kid. Think back to those times. Maybe you like to perform or you love to cook. That will help you get in touch with your passion.
  • Choose Something Doable: Just because you love to perform, you don't want to say, 'I'm going to do Broadway auditions.' You probably don't have time to do that. There may be a tap class at the gym you may devote an hour a week to. Make something you can achieve and feel success with.
  • Find A Partner: It makes you less likely to quit, and its fun to have someone to explore a new passion with.
  • Talk Or Write About It: You just need to brag on yourself. Talk to other people, or keep a practice log or diary. It will help you remind yourself of what a great experience you're having and help you take on new challenges.
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