Raw milk from Pa. farm causes 35 to fall ill

Parents often insist that their children drink milk, but why? Kids who don't drink cow's milk are just as healthy as those who do, studies show. In fact, research suggests that milk-free kids may be less likely to develop colic, ear infections, and asthma.The American Academy of Pediatrics doesn't recommend cow's milk for children younger than one.What about getting enough calcium? No problem--there's plenty of the bone-building nutrient in green leafy vegetables, beans, fortified juices, soymilk and many other foods. One notable exception is spinach. The calcium it contains is poorly absorbed by the body.

(CBS/AP) After consuming raw milk from the same dairy in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, 35 people have been struck with illness, health officials say.

The confirmed cases of campylobacter bacterial infection include 28 people in Pennsylvania, four in Maryland, two in West Virginia, and one in New Jersey.

Health officials said Thursday consumers should discard raw milk bought from the Family Cow farm in Chambersburg on or after Jan. 1. The farm has voluntarily suspended raw milk production.

An Agriculture Department spokeswoman said final test results of milk samples from the farm may be available Friday.

The Food and Drug Administration warns that raw, or unpasteurized, milk can contain harmful bacteria. Dairy farmers say demand is growing because of concerns about hormones in traditional dairy products.

The FDA has more on the "dangers of raw milk."