Ravens cheerleaders only co-ed NFL squad

Ravens cheerleaders
Ravens male cheerleaders toss a female cheerleader at a recent game.

Since 1996, when the Ravens began in Baltimore, they've been the only football team in the National Football League with a co-ed cheerleading squad.

Seth Doane recently met the team and found out what makes it so unique.

Ravens cheerleading director Tina Galdieri says there are a number of pluses to having a co-ed team, both physical -- the team can do more acrobatic throws and flips -- and practical.

She said, "I think there's less cattiness. ... Well, when you think about it -- you have 40 women, you have 20 males to help balance it out."

But just who are the men who sign up for just a $100 stipend per game to be a cheerleader?

Meet the men in the video above -- from Jim Schwille, who sells lumber and is an Afghan war veteran, to Gregorio Monge, an aerospace engineer.