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Rashida Jones shows off crew jacket from original "Wiz"

One crew member from the original "Wiz" film crew was very excited to watch "The Wiz Live!" last night: That would be Rashida Jones.

Okay, so the actress probably didn't really do much on set, since she was two months old, but the "Parks and Recreation" star shared a photo of her adorable, tiny crew jacket from 1978's "The Wiz" movie.

Rashida's father, Quincy Jones, was the music supervisor for the film and produced the soundtrack.

Rashida wrote on Twitter, "Pulled out my crew jacket in honor of tonight. I was 2 months old when my dad started filming!! #TheWiz #loveit"

The tiny gold jacket has her name embroidered on the front.

Jones definitely enjoyed NBC's show: She tweeted at Ne-Yo, "killed it!!" and at Uzo Aduba, saying, "what a voice!!! Loving this show."