Rare Bird: Parrot Poachers Pursued by Mounted Police

BRITISH COLUMBIA, Canada (CBS/AP) The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are saddling up in pursuit of a parrot - and also, a man and woman who allegedly teamed up to steal the rare bird from a Petland store.

The Vancouver Sun reports that while the man distracted the staff, his female sidekick shoved a three-month-old Sun Conure parrot into her purse last Saturday afternoon.

RCMP Const. Tammy Douglas said, "It's a pretty risky thing to do - try to get away with stealing a live parrot by stuffing it in your purse, hoping that it won't squawk until you get out," reported the paper.

The parrot, said to be valued at about $1,000, needs special food and a daily gentle 'misting shower' from a spray bottle.

Not only is the one bird missing, but its all-but-identical twin is agitated its Sun Conure sibling is gone, according to the paper.

Police reportedly have surveillance video of the suspects, who sound like rare birds in their own right.