Rapper E40 Gives Back To His Alma Mater

E40 holds up a giant check for $12,000 at a ceremony on April 11 at Hogan High school in Vallejo, Calif. The rapper donated the money to help replace band equipment destroyed by vandals.
Rapper E40 went back to school last week to give a $12,000 check to his alma mater, Hogan High, in Vallejo, Calif.

Vandals destroyed much of the school's band equipment a year ago, yet the drum line at Hogan still managed to win three regional competitions.

Drum line instructor Tina Jamias has had difficulty raising funds to get new instruments.

"The equipment is really outdated and when we compete against other schools the kids can get embarrassed. They don't have the equipment they deserve," Jamias told the Times-Herald.

E40, who played in the band from elementary to high school, heard about the drum line's recent challenges and offered to help.

"If I didn't have my start in the drum line I wouldn't be where I am today," said E40. "Music is real for me. I want people to know that it's cool to be in the band because there is a shortage of musicians nowadays. Music stimulates the mind, and it's therapeutic and healing. People need to realize the importance of music programs in public schools - I played in the band growing up, Too Short played, and Dallas Austin did too."

Both current students and alumni attended the April 11 ceremony at Hogan High, which included a performance by the school's current drum line and E40's formal presentation of the check.