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Rap Group Offers Anti-Obama Track "One Term President"

Over the weekend, a rap group called Wolverines posted a video for their song O.T.P. -- that is, "One Term President," which they hope will be the case for President Obama. (The group is selling various "OTP" merchandise.)

Among the lyrics: "I'm sick of smellin' like a mosque after Ramadan" and "Hard core birther here, let me make it clear for you/B. Hussein, he isn't even president, we ain't seen a b.c. he [tore up?] all the evidence."

The rappers featured in the video are identified as Molotov Mitchell, DJ Dolce, the MZA and Constitution Kate. Molotov Mitchell writes has a forum on the right-wind news site World Net Daily, where he offers a video called "Muhammad the pedophile" and says homosexuality is a "self-destructive lifestyle that is both unnecessary and dangerous."

Watch above. We're curious what you think.

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